Idols SA: It’s all fun and games until somebody gets eliminated!


There was no time to take in the sights and sounds of the Wild Coast Sun as contestants watched one after the other getting the cut as the competition became more of a reality.

On Sunday nigght, the remaining 29 had to draw from deep within to survive the rest of Theatre Week and their stay depended on them bringing their A-game for Solo Performances.

The female force proved to be strong, with Judge, Unathi Msengana musing whether there would be enough guys to make it an even split with the girls for the Top 16. With only nine guys in the running, it was up to each individual to make the best of the song the Judges chose for them.

Day Four of Theatre Week dawned with much drama and anxiety, especially for the guys. Most failed to impress their vocal coaches as they struggled through lyrics, melodies and keys. With time being a luxury, they floundered through songs, choking and even crashing.

Still, there was a beacon of light as a few guys pulled themselves together to give a performance that guaranteed a fighting chance. The curse of the “Theatre Week Voice” reared its ugly head as contenders faced the real possibility of losing their voices. For those returning on the Idols Theatre Week, it was a bad case of déjà vu that threatened their longevity in the competition yet again. Bed rest and silence were ordered, and fingers were crossed.

Confidence proved an asset for those who took the bull by the horns and confronted the scary spotlight of the stage, along with the Judges Unathi, Randall Abrahams and Somizi Mhlongo, as well as a theatre packed with an audience. While compliments were few and far between for the guys, the ladies were showered with adulation by an impressed judging panel.

“Your performance had power, confidence, oomph and sexiness!” enthused Unathi to Gugu Zulu. “Successful artists have a distinct sound and tone. Embrace it and you’ll win this competition,” Somizi told Paxton. “You are one of the two contestants I wanted to hear sing, and one of four that are memorable. I’m glad to see you didn’t let me down,” was Randall’s exuberant compliment to a teary Phindy.

The ladies certainly left their hearts on that stage while the guys mainly crashed but this is Idols, and nothing is written in stone until the Judges announce their Top 16.

Who is going to make it to the live shows to sing for the public’s vote? We’ll see next week when the 29 take the long walk to become 16.

Idols SA airs on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) every Sunday at 17:30

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