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As the finale inches ever closer and the contestants number dwindles, Idols SA is enjoying record breaking votes as fans work hard to keep their favourites in the show. This past week saw the votes skyrocket to 12 million!

The remaining five kicked off tonight’s instalment with the rallying Pharrell Williams hit, Freedom, and Killer Kau and Mbali also entertained with Tholukuthi Hey. This was Faith Msibi’s last performance on the Idols stage as a contestant after receiving the least number of votes.

Tonight’s theme was “The Year I Was Born” and “Contemporary Hits”. Botlhale, born in 1996, was the first up, reminding fans of his instrument-playing prowess when he performed Joan Osborn’s One Of Us. Randall approved. “I think it’s a very good idea to pull out the guitar at this stage.” Unathi was impressed that he had “shown us a different genre”, and Somizi called him the perfect example of versatility. Botlhale’s follow up was Charlie Puth’s One Call Away, which had the judges reinforcing his “likeability” factor, predicting that his fans will keep him in the competition past this week.

Phindy was next, choosing Ringo’s 1997 love anthem, Sondela. She received all-round positive feedback from the judges. Somizi said he couldn’t fault her, Unathi “loved” her voice in a vernacular rendition and Randall said she gave the song “nice verve and swing”. Her second song, Sorry by Beyoncé, was an interesting interpretation which Unathi admitted to “struggling” with, despite a good performance. Randall felt “the real Phindy” was lacking, while Somizi pegged her for the gap left by Lebo Mathosa in the music industry.

The Paxton fan army made sure their fave stayed in the competition. She chose Christina Aguilera’s 2000 hit I Turn To You. While Randall couldn’t fault the performance, he said he would have preferred a more contemporary song. Both Unathi and Somizi were poetic in their praise, leaving a few audience members quite emotional. The teen made Randall happy when she chose the Black Coffee mix of In Common by Alicia Keys. Somizi gave her a “Whooo shem!” and Unathi bet that Black Coffee will be calling on Paxton the next time he needs a singer for the song on stage.


The last one through to the Top 4 was Mthokozisi. Born in 1991, he chose the poignant It’s Hard To Say Goodbye by Boyz II Men. Accompanied by piano and backing vocals only, he rose to the occasion.  Randall loved the arrangement, saying there couldn’t have been a better song for him. “Sthandwa sami, you’ve forgiven yourself. You are back. It was perfect,” announced Unathi. Somizi advised him to avoid falsettos, but called the performance amazing. “You are a lion.” His contemporary hit was Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean. “We’re happy when you’re happy!” enthused Unathi. Somizi and Randall were equally as chuffed, with Randall predicting that it will be tough for fans to vote this week because “no one let the side down.”

Idols SA airs on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) every Sunday at 17:00. VOTE or register to VOTE for your favourite Idols contestant here



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