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Idols SA 2017 Finalist Mthokozisi Slammed for his conduct after losing to Paxton


Mthokozisi walked off stage on Sunday night shortly after Paxton was crowned the winner of season 13 and has since denied any interview requests. It’s believed that Mthokozisi is “not in a good space” and Mzansi Magic have confirmed that he has been given time away from the spotlight to deal with the loss.

Mthokozisi has requested to be given time to come to terms with the result of the Idols SA season 13 final show. He will indicate when he is ready to speak to the media,” said head of PR at M-Net Nondumiso Mabece

The Idols SA finalist hails from KZN  and was orphaned at age 14. Mthokozisi also made headlines earlier this year as he was shot in a robbery before the live shows began.

Both contestants usually attend a press conference after the end of the show but pictures on social media saw an empty chair with Mthokozisi’s name on it.

Here is what some of Idols viewers had to say

“Bantu baKwaMashu please call your Mthokozisi and tell him to be professional angasiphoxi. Last night he left the stage soon after Paxton was announced, he also missed the Post-show media briefing. That empty chair next to Paxton is his. He was ours when he behaved but now owenu, deal with him” wrote Nkosenhle Hlophe

Nkanyiso Malinga   came to his defence,” I can relate with him he was a better vocalist than Paxton, it is frustrating going all way to the final and losing to a pop, bubble gum vocalist (it happened to Gift, Matema, Phusoletso, Ayanda etc). The voters let him down. He was too defeated naye ayi. He should have kept his cool, we all know we would have supported him just like Gift. He just make an apology and move on he has more star quality.”

Dudu Mbatha Lack of professionalism. Paxton was brilliant. She got the votes.. Finish and klaar. He knew what he got himself into when he entered Idols. He must relax and stop this superstar behaviour. He knew it was anybody’s game.

Zibu MaSotobe was more empathetic,”I worry that we have stopped being empathetic, the young man just experienced a crushing loss probably the biggest of his life. He is clearly a novice and hasn’t been yet trained in fake smiles and happiness and delayed tears. Some people commenting here are stressed by much smaller stuff and yet they judge a young man so harshly. He is human, he is young and he will grow”


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