Ibiza council to be granted power to restrict open-air music venues


An amendment to the Balearic Islands’ recently-passed tourism law could affect clubs, beach clubs and café conciertos.

The Council Of Ibiza will have the power to ban new open-air music venues once the Balearic Islands’ new tourism law comes into effect.

The law, which will apply to Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza, was passed on Tuesday, July 18th. Since then, an amendment has been made by the socialist PSOE party that grants the four local councils the power to “regulate, determine or prohibit, in a reasonable manner, tourist activities” related to entertainment, according to Diario De Ibiza. That applies to anywhere hosting musical events, including clubs, café conciertos, beach clubs and ballrooms.

“It was very clear that the tourism law needed to be modified,” said Vicent Torres, director of tourism for Ibiza council. “Such a previously liberal law offered the opportunity for activities that are incompatible with the day-to-day life of an island that wants a sustainable kind of tourism.” He added that every day “the shouts of the people get louder against a situation that distorts relaxing tourist zones.”

Despite the councils’ new powers, the amendment also states that the islands’ municipalities (in Ibiza that means San Antonio, San Juan etc) may apply more restrictive measures without the agreement of the corresponding council.


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