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I Was Once Addicted To Cocaine, says Kelly Khumalo


Kelly Khumalo was on MetroFM with DJ Fresh on Friday morning. The mother of two opened up when asked personal questions by the veteran Radio presenter. At first the music star was a big cagey, but as she settled into the interview, she opened up and shared some of her personal highs and lows. The interview delved into different topics, from music, love life to Senzo’s death.

Dj Fresh first asked Kelly about her being a virgin as she once claimed. She refused to dwell on her past, she was not going to entertain that one!

The musician‚ who has a child with rapper Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maaronhanye and another with late Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa‚ pointed at the fact that she once did drugs and things were happening to her fast, however she has been 5 years clean. Kelly said she used to be high on cocaine, together with her drugging friends who she said she would not name on radio.

“I stayed in abusive and toxic relationships because I was forever high. For me the abuse was okay. I was with a person I was able to share the addiction with. I was addicted to the relationship”-Kelly Khumalo

She shared that she does not want to remember that kind of past. She however pointed out that a special thing came out of that relationship and that is her son. When the habit became out of control, Kelly made one important decision, which was to protect her son by taken him to her mother. She also worked on quitting the habit, going clean and focusing on music.

The lovely part was when Somizi chipped in and said she saw her going through her drug addiction.

She had to part ways with many people especially after quitting drugs and refocusing on her career. “I love my music more than anything.”

When asked about how she dresses, Kelly Khumalo revealed that she has a couple of designers and sometimes they just happen to surprise her, particularly when there are special events.

“To be quiet honest I dress according to how i feel for the day or for that particular event. I don’t go there saying oh I want to be naked”-Kelly Khumalo

On her first love: Kelly Khumalo says she has never been in love the way she wants to be in a relationship. She says she is yet to meet that person.

On her first crush: She had a crush on Benni McCarthy.

On her first kiss: Kelly kissed her high school boyfriend

Her first paycheck: It was R1000. She was booked to perform in Swaziland.

The song that changed her: Mary Mary

Her First Car: Toyota MR2 (Somizi says it looked like a computer mouse)

Her First Heartbreak: When her boyfriend dumped her for her attitude.

Her take on Nudity: Kelly Khumalo says he dresses according to how he feels on a particular day. She never really goes out wanting to show off or to be naked. The sexy artist says she struggles to pose even at photoshoots.

“I just do what I feel. I just do me. Being sexy is not something I go for.” she added.

On healthy eating, Kelly revealed that she loves her kota, her MC Donald’s and sometimes eats midnight.

To people who speculate about Kelly and Senzo, she said,”I lost someone who was very important to me, who was a father to my daughter. I had the best time with that man. He was one person I could safely say he loved me. He did not have to tell me that he loved me, he showed me he loved me.  I will forever hang on on to that love”

Kelly said she met Senzo through a friend.

Kelly Khumalo says he has never healed from the whole ordeal. She feels she was robbed of a father to her daughter. It is painful to watch her daughter to grow without a father.

Listen to the interview HERE

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