How to Submit Music: Munghana LoneneFM


How to submit your music?
1 Professionally record your music in a studio or an environment where the microphone is isolated.  Make sure there are no curse words your music.

2 Professionally mix and master your music.

3 Register your music with SAMRO (Southern African Music Rights Organization). Why? SAMRO receives a list of all music played by a radio station/TV. SAMRO then pays the artist/musician according to the number of times the music is played.

4 Submit your music to the station and the music committee will decide when and where to play it.

We also accept music digitally

The song must cover the below points in order for it to be considered.

– Attach a 5MB or less MP3 file

– Include a download link for a WAV version if the song is bigger than 5mb

– All songs need to be radio edit- no swearing and preferably under 4min

– Include a short biography

– Mail must not exceed 6MB

– Register song with SAMRO and SAMPRA or IMPRA

– Include publishing info (composer, publishing company etc.)

This must be emailed to


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