Hilarious: Twitter reacts to Bonang CellC App


“Queen B is slaying!” screams one tweet.

Some say she continues to make “career suicide” mistakes. Some say she is copying everything the Kardashians are doing. From the reality TV show, the book, the Emojis app to this. The only difference is that Kardashians’ projects are a success. The same cannot be said for SA’s Queen B. Some say Queen B needs Somizi in her life, at least he will tell her the truth.( True friends are honest right”

Team MzansiFresh believes the Bonang CellC app will generate at least 50 000 downloads. The only concern though is the monthly R60 subscription fee. If it was a once off, it would be easier for sell, now how many youngsters will have an extra R60 for Bonang?

Bonang’s B Moji app only managed to get 100 downloads. Now she has launched another app, with this one be a success?

Is it time for Queen B to fire her whole management team and work with something fresh?




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