Hilarious Tweets following AKA photo with Bonang and Trevor Noah


So  hip hop star SUPA MEGA was a supporting act for Trevor Noah’s “There Is A Gupta On My Stoep” show at Coca Cola Dome. The international comedian snapped some photos with AKA and Queen B. AKA shared the photos on Twitter and Instagram :

AKA and Bonang are happily in love. They support each other like no other celebrity couple. Well there are the Fergusons too.

Twitter has not been the same lately for Queen B, largely due to the book which has been subsequently withdrawn from Exclusive Books shelves due to some editing errors. As the Chill on Mzansi twitter always comes and disappears, here are some of the hilarious tweets about the photo:


Instagram comments

  • delay_is_not_denialLol bonang Is listening to English as if she knows it
  • maestro_g_saiAka bona Bonang o lebelletse mothako byang (Aka look at how Bonang is looking at that guy ( Trevor Noah)
  • mthobysyI wonder if Trevor will make jokes about Bonang’s book
  • sinazomaqezuBonang looking at Trevor like you’re next!
  • dsithembileYou should have asked Noah to edit your gf’s book
  • blaque_porscheThe way Bonang is looking at Trevor, be careful AKA😄
  • nqabayetuBonang lookin at Trevor like she gon leave with him…watch out nigga




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