Help choose SA’s favourite everyday eateries


Eat Out, South Africa’s best guide to the country’s best food is calling on the public to post reviews of great restaurants to help determine the people’s favourites for the 2017 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Best Everyday Eateries. Restaurants in all nine provinces are eligible for these accolades, which will be determined by combining star ratings by the public online with ratings by the Eat Out panel of professional critics.
“For the third year running, we are looking to the star ratings – for food, service and ambience – by the Eat Out audience to determine the Best Everyday Eateries in South Africa. It is also the third year that Mercedes-Benz will sponsor the awards, and we couldn’t be more delighted about our ongoing partnership in celebrating local restaurants,” says Anelde Greeff, editor-in-chief of Eat Out.

Help choose SA's favourite everyday eateries

“In a change for 2017, we have listened to restaurant owners and food enthusiasts who have asked for the experts on our panel of critics to play a bigger role in determining the winners. While in previous years the results were based solely on reader ratings, this year an Eat Out critic will visit each of the restaurants that receive enough high scores from the public to review them and give a star rating. Final scores will therefore be based on a 50-50 composite rating determined by the public and the critics.”

Best Everyday Eateries Categories

The categories for each province that will be included in this year’s Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Best Everyday Eateries are: ‘Best Asian Eatery’, ‘Best Bistro’, ‘Best Burger Eatery’, ‘Best Coffee Shop’, ‘Best Country-Style Eatery’, ‘Best Indian Eatery’, ‘Best Italian Eatery’, ‘Best Seafood Eatery’, ‘Best Steakhouse’, ‘Best Food Truck’, ‘Best Tapas Eatery’ and ‘Best Mexican Eatery’.

Food lovers can visit the Eat Out website to rate and review the restaurants they have visited recently. Readers can post as many reviews as they like, but only one per reader, per restaurant will be counted. The closing date for reviews by the public for this year’s accolades is Thursday, 31 August 2017. For each review posted, Eat Out will also pledge a meal for a hungry child through Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa.

Celebrations to announce the Best Everyday Eateries will be held in Cape Town and Johannesburg in October 2017. “Mercedes-Benz epitomises excellence, and through events such as the Best Everyday Eateries, we are able to celebrate the country’s top culinary delights as chosen by our customers,” says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Great cooking has been elevated to new heights in South Africa, even in casual settings, and we’re thrilled to be rewarding the restaurants that keep regulars happy throughout the year,” adds Govender.

Restaurants need to be listed on the Eat Out website to receive reviews and ratings. Restaurants which are not listed can click here to register or email to have their details added free of charge.
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