Gigi LaMayne Ice Cream Lyrics


Abontanga nabobhuti naboskeem
Ngithi ngiqel’ iIce Cream
Abontanga nabobhuti naboskeem
Ngithi ngiqel’ iIce Cream
bathi thata me, ngithi khotha hi (x3)
Ngithi, ngithi ngiqel’ iIce Cream

[Verse 1]
What’s a dame to a heroin
Mind outblown
We cray on the retillin
Imagine that
Sesi­twerk­a ngamabeshu
Iyi Phuzikhemisi flow
Uphethwe hi yechu
Ak’fani ngiyalamba
Ung’bona ngiphele so
Ngidl’ umdoko nge Rama
I’m going all out
Ngikhathele ipapa
Ngilibona everyday
Angina snack­e no power
When we come through stunting
Female Pac ngamasuit nama luncheon
Never been to a club
Ngizithandel’ ukudla kwam’
You find me cooking rhymes in the kitchen
Stu typa vibes
You don’t know what you missin’
Hey, abontanga naboskeem
Ngithi ngicel’ iIce Cream


[Verse 2]
We gonna hijack an ice cream truck
Sprinkle hundreds on the top for a little bit of luck
Chocolate for the South, real kickin
Got vanilla for the flow when we spillin
3 3 60, I’m real pimpin
Mokoko, you hiding, I find you and milk it
You couldn’t stunt if your boy was Houdini
Waiting for a blow up, hayibo, yek’ uMinnie
Kom ek skop jou kop, jy’s bietjie los
Moet byt jou tong, weet jy is nie my hond
Ek koop ys room, jou rap is a lelik krom
Ek weet jou nou, wie speel met Gigi though
Now you scream, I scream, now that’s enticing
You sing the same songs as that Michael Tyson
Bite emcees that you ain’t never been writing
Bubbles and costumes but you ain’t never been spicy


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