Getting to know Miss Pretoria 2017-Olorato Major


Olorato Major

MzansiFresh.co.za Introduce yourself to our readers please!

Olorato: My name is Olorato Major, I’m 21 years old, I live in Centurion, but I’m originally from the Northern Cape. I’m a student a pilot at Loutzavia Wonderboom, and I’ve just obtained my first strip in aviation by completing my solo check. I’m also a part time model and actress.

MzansiFresh.co.za Tell us what it means to be Miss Pretoria?

Olorato: Miss Pretoria means being an ambassador for not only the City of Tshwane but the capital city of South Africa, it’s being both beauty and brains personified.

Olorato Major

MzansiFresh.co.za: Why did you decide to enter Miss Pretoria 2017?

Olorato: Well it’s a funny story, I was not planning on entering any pageants or modeling competition until I’ve obtained to commercial pilot license and ha planned to only then enter Miss South Africa, but my mom decided to challenge me and to see how much of competing do I still have in me, and I love challenges so I decided to put my all in the competition and win.

MzansiFresh.co.za What does it take for one to enter the pageant?

Olorato: Miss Pretoria is all about personality and someone who’s genuinely passionate about somewhat making a difference in their community, looks and being the best pageant queen isn’t a requirement.

MzansiFresh.co.za Where are you learning to be a Pilot?

Olorato: I’m currently doing my license at Loutzavia Wonderboom.

MzansiFresh.co.za What is a Johnson & Johnson girl?

Olorato: Well I’ve been advertising for Johnsons and Johnsons face and body products for 3 years so I can’t say I’m ambassador but I’ve worked with them for longer than a commercial model would.

Olorato Major

MzansiFresh.co.za What would you want the world to know about Olorato Major?

Olorato: That I’m definitely trying to become a brand, who’s name will love longer than her age. I’m very unique and often stick out from a crowd because I don’t follow trends of society norms. I’m a hard worker and much smarter then I make myself seem and I’m also a big humanitarian and plan to one day create and establish my own aviation bursary organization.

MzansiFresh.co.za If you were a President for a Day you would…..?

Olorato: Definitely be way more selfless and out my country and our citizens first.

Olorato Major

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