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Euphonik, whose real name is Themba Mbongeni Nkosi (born 6 December 1983), is a South African DJ, music producer and radio presenter. He is known mostly for playing House music. In 2013 his song with South African DJ, DJ Fresh and Nyanda, “Cool and Deadly”, rose to number one on the 5FM Top 40. Since 2006 he has had a weekly radio show on the South African national radio station 5FM, My House which aires on Sunday evenings. He has been nominated for a number of accolades at the South African Music Awards and the Metro FM Music Awards.

In 2014 he won his first award – a Metro FM award for Best Compilation Album for his album, For The Love of House Volume 5. He was nominated at the 2014 South African Music Awards for Remix of the Year for his song “Hallelujah Anyway”. In 2015 he received two nominations at The Metro FM Music Awards for Best Compilation Album for his album, For The Love of House Volume 6; as well as for Song of The Year for ‘Busa’.

Nkosi was born in Mpumalanga, South Africa on 6 December 1983. He spent his childhood in Likazi, later moving to Daveyton and then Benoni. His early love of music was fuelled by artists his father listened to – the likes of The Spinners, Marvin Gaye, Stimela and Hugh Masekela. He started DJing during his late teens and quickly established himself in the club music scene. It wasn’t long until his mixes achieved radio play, initially on regional station YFM, and then he was offered the opportunity of hosting his own shows on national radio station 5FM

In 2017 Huffington Post reported that the renowned house DJ Themba Nkosi, otherwise known as Euphonik was opening up the industry one youngster at a time and he was going all the way. The 33-year-old came across a video of young Killer Kau singing over and dancing to the instrumentals of Destruction Boyz “Shut up and Groove”. He took to Twitter to reach out to Kau, whose song, “Thulukuthi Heyi”  which went on to take over the charts.




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