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FULL STORY: Husband kills wife, sends picture of her lifeless body to relatives



An East London teacher has been shot and killed, allegedly by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself but survived.

Nomahomba Tsako, a teacher at Makinana Public Primary School in Duncan Village, died on the scene.

Her husband Mziyanda Mqingwana’s life hangs by a thread at Frere Hospital after Friday’s shooting at their Amalinda home.

Tsako’s family said they were aware the couple had some problems, but her death had shocked them as they had never suspected that Mqingwana, whom they described as a “cool guy”, would ever kill her.

Tsako’s 85-year-old mother is still receiving medical attention after she collapsed on hearing the news of the death of her daughter. Her family members said that the incident happened around 8.30pm on Friday.

They also alleged that after killing her, Mqingwana took pictures of Tsako’s lifeless body and sent them to her relatives and colleagues.

“He also called some of her family members telling them that he had killed her,” said a family member who requested to remain anonymous.

The couple had another house in Ngqushwa, where the husband had been spending much of his time.


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