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#FreshFocus Miss Pretoria 2017-Olorato Major


Miss Pretoria 2017, Olorato Major

Our publication had an exclusive one on one with the beautiful current Miss Pretoria, Olorato Major, of Centurion. The beauty and brains is also an student pilot at Wonderboom Airport.

TSJ: Tell us more about Miss Pretoria the pageant

Olorato: Miss Pretoria is a pageant which seeks to outsource an ambassador for the beautiful city of Tshwane and the Capital of South Africa. It looks for beauty and brains personified, which I’m fortunate to have been seen and categorized as.

TSJ: Where are you from in Pretoria?

Olorato: I’m from Centurion, basically in between Johannesburg and Pretoria

TSJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Olorato: Well I’m a 21 year old aspiring pilot, and have just obtained my first strip in aviation as a solo pilot student, I’m also a part time model, which is how I make money to pay for my studies but I’ve always loved the modeling and entertainment industry and it’s something I want to do as a hobby/ and or part time career.

TSJ: Did you always have a dream to enter pageants?

Olorato: No actually, my mom was the one a I enter me into pageants but I grew up to love them and being on stage.

TSJ: We see you are a student pilot, what is the dream?

Olorato: To definitely fly for international commercial airlines, there is absolutely nothing as exhilarating as being able to take off an aircraft and land it by yourself.

TSJ: What does it take for one to be a student pilot?

Olorato: Well you definitely need to know your maths and physics, which is subjects you’ll use your entire aviation career … as well you need to be incredibly competent, some things in aviation is based on common sense and perpetual judgment

TSJ: Miss Pretoria Title holders usually do some kind of humanitarian work, tell us about your work.

Olorato: I’m all about motivational speaking at primary and high schools as I’ve basically made it to who I am through a lot of hard word and focus. I’m also very passionate about my elders, so visiting an old age home around my area every month is very fulfilling. I also work a lot with a couple orphanages, and try to help raise funds for their monthly necessities.

TSJ: What are your favourite hangout spots in Pretoria

Olorato: Well besides Wonderboom Airport, I definitely like trying out good restaurants such as Crawdaddys and Fishmonger..

TSJ: Love local music? Who are your favourite artists?

Olorato: Of course, I’m definitely into Lady Zamar, Amanda Black and Nasty C.


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