The video depicts the journey of finding love and the struggles of keeping a woman who is after money. The narrative of the video sees KiD X starting off in the homelands and paying lobola for his Mfazi Wephepha and bringing her to the city whilst he searched for better opportunities. Unfortunately she is impatient and has a wandering eye and leaves him for a wealthier man, only for things not to work out for her. The financial situation for KiD X on the other hand improves and he finds himself a new Mfazi Wephepha.

“There is beauty in telling authentic South African stories,” says KiD X.

Having had an unorthodox rise to fame and created a massive buzz on the streets, KiD X forms part of the emerging Hip Hop lifestyle that has taken the South African music industry by storm over the past few years. KiD X has solidified himself as a strong lyricist and has shown his versatility as an artist with the different types of music he puts out and the notable collaborations he has been a part of.

Click here to watch the music video for his single, Mfazi Wephepha.