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Focus on PE Artist: Tiffany Oosthuizen


We caught up with Port Elizabeth based singer, songwriter and student, Tiffany Oosthuizen. The artist  has just completed her latest collaboration project with EDM producer and DJ, Young DLC. Their single, LEAD THE WAY will be debuting on commercial radio this coming week. We had the privilege to listen to the track and we have no doubts that it surely is Chart topping material. From the catchy beat to the harmonic vocals, Lead The Way is a winner for us. we give it 8/10. You will need to listen and let us know what you think.

#MzansiFresh: Good Morning Tiffany, tell us about life in Port Elizabeth?

Tiffany: Life over here is well balanced. There isn’t as much economic activity over as the bigger cities but I enjoy it very much. P.E really does live up to that name of the friendly city.

#MzansiFresh: In a nutshell, who is Tiffany Oosthuizen?

Tiffany: I am Mrs Tiffany Gobey, got a blessed marriage in April 2016.  Ms Gobey is a devout Christian, mother, singer, songwriter and student.

#MzansiFresh:Do you do music full time?
Tiffany:I am a full time student doing music part time.

#MzansiFresh:You once mentioned that your hobbies are playing guitar, drums and songwriting. When did you really start playing guitar? What inspired you?

Tiffany: I taught myself how to play guitar at the age of 8 .I loved the way it sounded when someone would play it . So I took my uncles guitar chords book and taught myself the basics…which I still only play to this day but is enough for me to create compositions.

#MzansiFresh:You mentioned that your  role model is your mom. Share with our readers how she inspires you.

Tiffany: She’s just always been a strong support. Encouraged me to pursue my passions and never tried to hinder suppress my creativity. She has always been my biggest cheerleader  even when I’ve made mistakes and got things wrong she was there for it all sharing in my successes and failures, she’s invaluable.

#MzansiFresh: Tiffany started dancing on stage at the age of three and singing at the age of eight. That must have been early, have you ever won an award for dancing? What kind of dance do you love most?

Tiffany:I have yes,the very first time I competed in a talent competition  -Missy Junior RSA which had a talent section and I entered as a solo act to sing and as a group act to Dance and  won both . After that I did numerous competitions namely ktv market days and Yamaha talent search etc where we placed 1st and 2nd. I love all styles of dance but I only ever performed hip hop and “street” dance

#MzansiFresh:Do you still have the songs you wrote when you were nine?

Tiffany: I still remember them and every now and then would sing it to fam for a laugh.

#MzansiFresh:Who would you like to collaborate with in SA?

Black coffee/Goldfish/Micasa I’d be happy to work with any artist who shares a similar interest in music as myself.

#MzansiFresh:What are you currently working on?
I have a few projects that’s close to getting out there,where I’ve collaborated with the likes of Chrizz beats, young dlc, dj  nate

#MzansiFresh:If you were not staying in Port Elizabeth, where would you be?
New York .just to visit though.

#MzansiFresh:The biggest concert you have performed at, had how many people?

Opening of the seasons ,Nelson Mandela Day music festivals give or take 10 thousand

#MzansiFresh:Your Top 5 songs at the moment are?

Game of love (myself and dj qness)
I want something just like this (chainsmokers and Coldplay)
All time low- Jon bellion
Lead the way ( my next release with young dlc)
Chained to the rhythm -katy perry and skip marley

#MzansiFresh: Are you a Winter or Summer person? Why the choice?
Winter person . As much as I love the sunny warm weather. You can always dress yourself warmer if you get cold but the contrary can’t be said about summer .

#MzansiFresh: If you were a brand ambassador, which product would you represent?
(No comment)

#MzansiFreshWhose your favourite Radio presenter? Why If we may ask?
I don’t have one. I just tune into any station for the music . It’s really dependent on what’s playing at that moment.  If it’s good I’ll keep listening .

#MzansiFresh: Answer the following with Yes or No
Single- NO

Vegetarian- NO

Love Sushi-YES

Scared of snakes-YES

Loves Horror movies-NO

Have a pet-NO

Have a tatoo-NO

Want to have 5 children-NO

Can drive-YES

Love bungee jumping-NO

Ever been bullied-YES

#MzansiFresh: What are your social media account handles?

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