Find out what it takes to work for Bonang Matheba !


Bonang Matheba is one of the busiest celebrities in the continent, and it’s no surprise. The media personality, businesswoman and fashion icon juggles so many things at the same time that everyone is constantly asking her where she gets the time. But, as she once remarked, “Bonang is big business!”

And you know what? Big business is not for sleepyheads.

Big business requires the most outstanding teams to manage big deals in big boardrooms, red carpets, magazine covers, front row seats, on VUZU AMP and everywhere!

Those who work with the Queen B know this all too well, as they have to consistently bring their A game to keep up with the hectic schedules, the travelling, the admin, acing and sustaining perfection and the demands to stay ahead of the pack that come with working for a massive brand.

For Sifiso, Bonang’s personal assistant, a day comes with a whole lot of work, adventure and having to stay prepared for the unpredictable. Of course, working for Bonang must come with a whole lot of planning to make sure deliverables are aced and deadlines are met. But! She’s Bonang Matheba. You also never know what’s gonna pop.

Right now Bonang is promoting her #1 best selling book, From A To B, while doing also shooting no less than four weekly television shows. Her very own line of Bmojis just dropped the other week. Throw in her brand ambassadorship for top global brands, her own lingerie line at a giant South Africa retailer, the red carpets she does and everything that goes with running a production company, and your hands are full.

You might be of breath just thinking about it, let alone actually being a part of her team.

You must be able to take perfect Instagram pictures for Bonang, who is always both clad in Insta worthy garb. And not only that, be prepared to explain yourself when the snaps are below par. After all, 1.6 milliion people are gonna see that picture when it drops.

Sifiso, her assistant, has come under some fire for not being able to nail them photo snapping duties that come with the job. Muzi, who we saw assisting her with make up in one of the episodes, had to make it work when Bonang wasn’t quite impressed with how thing panned out with the make up.

You are working with a Pro who knows what she wants here!

Do you think you’d be able to keep up with the pressure?

Being Bonang airs Fridays at 19:30 on VUZU AMP 103


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