Final lineup announced for Endless Daze Music Festival


The Endless Daze Music Festival, which takes place from the 3-5 November at Silverstroom Resort, has announced its full 2017 festival lineup, which will feature 30 acts, three of which are international.
International headliners include Oh Sees (USA) and Moon Duo (USA), including the historical BLK JKS, along with a plethora of other top quality local acts which will elevate the festival’s presence as a carefully crafted and well-poised music showcase of South Africa and abroad.

The festival will be set in near-sanctuary beauty, on the West Coast of the Cape at Silwerstroom Resort, with spacious and lush camping sites. For those scarred by the toilet ‘experience’ at most festivals, fear not, the site is kitted out with newly built and vast ablution facilities. For those looking to wind-down from the thrill of things, you may find yourself stretched out on the beach while watching the sun set over the sea.

Entertainment for festivalgoers

There will be numerous activations on site from partner brands, which will provide festivalgoers with entertainment and tastefully set areas to relax and engage in a range of activities. The organisers have also spent a lot of effort on pushing every quality of the festival, including food. Expect a delicious selection from health to indulgence. The festival is also fully licensed and will be serving ice-cold beers provided by {[https://www.facebook.com/NewlandsBrew/ Newlands Spring Brewery]], along with a range of spirits and soft drinks.

Event organisers have also fixed the festival at a 2,000-person attendance; in order to maintain the freedom, fun and quality that comes with a small-scale outdoor event.

Tickets can be bought here via the Psych Night website
Contact info@endlessdazefest.com for more information.


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