Inspired by Madiba’s legacy, EvenMe! co-founder, Jill Young Schutte, decided to make educational tools and courses available to the youth for free and, in addition, assist them to be more employable and educated on how to start their own businesses.

More than a year-and-a-half after its launch, the portal and app continuously get upgraded and now has:

  • Free online learning from accounting, to zoology – and everything in between;
  • Links to internship, learnership, and job sites;
  • Step-by-step guides on how to navigate any phase of life – from leaving school to opening a business; and
  • Essential tips and advice to help them make the best career choices.

EvenMe! offers users step-by-step guides on ‘how to’ for just about anything they need to know and what to expect when leaving school, studying, finding a job, and running their own business.

“Every young South African that signs up has the power to challenge not only their own circumstances but also make the country a better one to live in – as Madiba envisioned it to be,” Schutte concludes.

You can sign up for the EvenMe! platform here.

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