Like it is popularly said, if it’s nice, do it twice, Laylizzy’s recently released single, “Forever” makes a return through a remix by multi award winning, prolific producer, Ellputo, who fused some amazing electronic, dance and tropical sounds together to make this club banger, “FOREVER (Dance Remix).”

The original single (also co-produced by him) was released on the 14th of February in light of the celebration of Valentine’s Day when Laylizzy brought a plot twist into the commonly known purpose of the day, that we do not only embrace love but also bring to people’s attention the heartbreaks and challenges that come with being in a relationship and being in love.

This fine-tuned remix by the Geobek Records signed musician, Ellputo, who has several international hits and awards to his name for his stellar production skills, is an electronic dance song which will undoubtedly keep many on their feet. It’s the best thing that could happen to a great song. This time around, let’s do away with the emotions a bit, dance to the tune and party as hard as you can all night long.

Download the club banger, Ellputo- Forever (Dance Remix):


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