News gives local producers a chance to shine


As part of the 2018 centennial celebrations in honour of Nelson Mandela’s legacy, is giving independent producers a chance to submit documentary proposals about an individual or group which they believe capture the spirit and values of Madiba.

Producers from the Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and North West are invited to submit a proposal for a 23 minute documentary to by 18 of August 2017.

The channel is celebrating what the stalwart stood for. has a long history of providing a platform for authentic local storytelling. The documentary has to relay a message that is proudly South African and no less than 15% of the dialogue must be in languages other than English which are unique to the province.

Proposal requirements:

– A detailed treatment of the proposed documentary;
– A description of the locations where the documentary is to be shot and the names of individuals to be interviewed;
– Proposed name/s of the presenter or commentator, if any;
– Production budget incorporating a detailed description on personnel, equipment and resource requirements;
– Information which confirms that the key personnel working on the documentary are based in the province concerned.

Production company requirements: will accept programme proposals only from South African production companies which have a registered business address in the province concerned.
Production company must provide proof of previous productions completed.
All programme proposals from production companies must include the following information:
– Name, address and telephone numbers of person representing the company for purposes of the proposal.
Name and registration number of production company.
Registered address of company.
Names, race and gender of shareholders of production company.
Names, race and gender of directors of production company.
– Names, race and gender of senior personnel at the production company and their positions.
– Details of training initiatives engaged in by the production company over the past 12 months
– Showreel of previously produced content; and copy of the company’s BEE verification certificate.

Proposal and all supporting documentation should be submitted to

The submission deadline is 17h00 on 18 August 2017.

NB – if you do not receive feedback on your submission from by 17h00 on 31 August 2017, please consider your application unsuccessful.


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