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Durban to host Mrs Universe 2017


Durban has clinched the rights to host the 40th Annual Mrs Universe Pageant – the first this event will be held on the continent. The pageant will pack a powerful punch to the local economy.

Image Supplied

Image Supplied

Women from 84 countries will be jetting in to take part in the World Final at People’s Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium on 2 September 2017. Each contestant will be accompanied by family, supporters, and members of the media, giving Durban nine days to dazzle in the global tourism spotlight.

Contestants will be involved in a week of activities prior to the pageant including visits to KZN cultural attractions and Durban’s tourist hotspots, stepping out in their swimsuits for East Coast Radio’s First Swim of Spring, and putting their heads together at a business strategy workshop that is aimed at increasing inbound trade and tourism to South Africa.

In addition to showcasing Durban, KZN and South Africa as a must-visit tourist destination, Mrs Universe 2017 will showcase local artists, dancers, and entertainers to a worldwide audience and provide a global catwalk for local fashion designers to exhibit their unique creations.

Empowering women, creating change

Tapping into the theme, Empowering women, creating change, Mrs Universe 2017 unites and celebrates married women between the ages of 25 and 45, who are doing phenomenal work to uplift and enhance their local communities through CSI initiatives, business development, and global trade opportunities.

“Unlike other pageants, Mrs Universe is purpose-driven, highlighting real concerns and areas for positive change,” says Mrs Universe 2017 Hosting Director: Africa, Durban resident, Tracey-Anne Aggett. “The global driving message of the event, namely women empowerment and women’s rights, comes at a time when South Africans are uniting against crimes against women and urging society stakeholders to create more awareness and take more action to protect our women and children. This pageant pools together women from all backgrounds, all of whom have overcome challenges to bring about positive changes in their respective communities.”

Durban resident, Tracey-Anne Aggett, Mrs Universe First Runner-Up at the 2016 pageant. Aggett has been awarded the rights to host the first Mrs Universe on African soil.

Durban resident, Tracey-Anne Aggett, Mrs Universe First Runner-Up at the 2016 pageant. Aggett has been awarded the rights to host the first Mrs Universe on African soil.

Aggett is a tireless campaigner for women empowerment and plays an integral role in projects that improve the lives of women and children in South Africa. “The overarching mission of this pageant is to empower women and create change. Strengthen a woman, and you strengthen the world,” she adds.

Named first runner-up at the Mrs Universe 2016 event in China and the winner of the Mrs Universe 2016 Charity award, Aggett, a former Mrs KZN, won over the International Mrs Universe organising committee with her charitable projects and vision for the continent and has been awarded the right to host Mrs Universe around Africa for the next 10 years.

CSI initiatives

To ensure that Mrs Universe 2017 leaves an indelible mark on Durban, contestants will be engaging in various CSI initiatives to raise funds for Verulam-based LIV Village for orphaned and vulnerable children, facilities that support abused women and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). Contestants will also visit local schools in and around Durban to engage with young women and girls about the importance of education and self-development.

Further details on Mrs Universe 2017.

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