Duesouth has launched a new brand called Duesouth Escapes.


Duesouth has launched an exciting new brand that forms part of TFG’s stable, called Duesouth Escapes.

Duesouth Escapes embodies the spirit of adventure that many dream of, but few have the courage to pursue. Duesouth Escapes caters for modern, hi-tech travellers and stylish handbag lovers who demand a retail experience suited to their adventurous spirit.

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Some of the luggage and handbag brands you will find in Duesouth Escapes stores include Samsonite, American Tourister, Thule, The North Face, Osprey, Jekyll & Hide, Guess, Nine West, Fiorelli and more.  We also offer the option of shopping at our online store,, from the comfort of your home.

At Duesouth Escapes we understand that wanderlust is a thirst waiting to be quenched. We aim to do just that with our range of brands. Unique international brands are complemented by our own brand offerings – this sets us apart from our competitors.
We believe an adventurous spirit can never be tamed. Climb, run, fly and explore everything on earth. Duesouth Escapes will prepare you for any adventure with high quality luggage, handbags and accessories suited to your specific journey.

Strangers become friends, home becomes everywhere, and the entire planet becomes your playground. Depart today and discover an exhilarating world of adventure.

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