How to download music from YouTube for free


When it comes to downloading music from YouTube, it’s hard to beat aTube Catcher – or at least it is once you’ve installed it. As with many free apps, it’s important to watch what you’re agreeing to during installation: at the time of writing, aTube Catcher asks you if you want to install the Teoma app and change your browser settings. The installer is very misleading here, and if you don’t tick one of the two boxes it appears that you can’t continue. You can. Click the Cancel button and you’ll see another software offer; click Decline and you can continue the installation of the app you actually want.

Find the right music

You’re given multiple options when aTube Catcher launches, but the two you need for music are Find Videos, which enables you to paste the address of a clip you’ve already found, and Music, which you can use to search YouTube for songs.

In this example we’re going to use our own music, and we’ve given ourselves permission to download it because we’re nice like that. If you want to use the Find Videos button, select the video’s address in your web browser – it’ll be something like – and use [Ctrl]+[C] to copy it. You can then paste it into the URL del Video box. Once you’ve done that, click Output Profile to choose the file format and quality you want. Helpfully, the list is extremely well labeled. Here we’re just going to grab the original file.