DOWNLOAD: MrB – Pour Sum Mo [Gqom Remix]


It is with no doubt that every weekend is lit but it starts getting real during the festive season which is fast upon us.
The norm is that, with a good amount of something something to drink, or smoke if you do, a good song must be played to reach the desired level of litness.
This is that same exact feeling which is enticed by MrB’s song titled Pour Sum Mo (Gqom Remix).
MrB is a Cape Town based producer, rapper, singer, designer & videographer. He always breaks barriers by venturing into genres that are not expected from him and this song is a perfect example.
Pour Sum Mo, as the name states, is a song that encourages one to get the drinking game going and it is just focussed on precisely that. Turning up.
So fill your glasses up.
Put on your dancing shoes and turn the music all the way up and dance like no one is watching.