Team Mosha is a collaborative Duo of DJ and producer, Mpho Coty Talana aka Shuffle Muzik and Mantshane Malala aka MRD originally from Pretoria Mamelodi.

ShuffleMuzik SA and Khumo Mrd have recently combined to form Team Mosha.

Team Mosha is a collaboration between Mpho Coty Talana aka Shuffle Muzik and Mantshane Malala aka MRD (the new age Mawillies). The two have met long time ago at one of the gigs and have continued to be friends but have never thought about working together. They just recently decided to work together as a vocalist and a Producer.#TeamMosha is currently working on the up-coming album which is scheduled to be released soon.

Their Singles Senya Retla Patela , Mina Nawe/ Futswetsa ,Sabotage, Phuza and Go away are currently causing havoc in the clubs and promises to be dance floor anthems.The duo is worried about their music being pirated a lot on the street before they release their up- coming album. We really can’t do anything about the situation , Piracy has been a problem ever since and we can only hope that law enforcement agencies will do their work with regard to it”, said Khumo Mrd “Just to add on what Khumo Mrd said those who are selling our music on the street at as a confirmation that we are on the right track, it means our music is loved by the people and there is a demand for it” said the talented producer/dj ShuffleMuzik SA¬†

The duo says that Piracy is not going to discourage them from doing what they love , “if anything it is encouraging us to work even more harder”. They also said that they feel it is their responsibility to work hard so that they can put Mamelodi up there with other townships that produce great music. “Mamelodi is full of talented musician but they are not getting the recognition they deserve in the mainstream music . we wish to also open doors for other talented musician.”added ShuffleMuzik SA

On the single the duo says they have worked with their friend the equally talented producer/DJ Calvin Fallo , Valentine Vee Mathe , Kamo and are planning to work with the likes of talented guitarist Thabang Dillan aka Fire and etc.

They will be shooting a music videos soon and they plan to pick some of the people who participated in the #SenyaRetlaPatela and Futswetsa Challenge. Their fans should also look out for the national launch tour which will be coupled with media tour. The Future looks bright for #TeamMosha