DJ Ganyani – Ganyani House Grooves 10 Tracklist


Dj Ganyanis latest offering is by no means an average house album. You are guaranteed a good time when you play Ganyani House Grooves 10 as he included hit singles like Talk to Me featuring Layla and Ntoni featuring Hloni. These two tracks were both chart toppers when they were released and enjoyed quiet a number of weeks as the top 10 most played songs on PBS radio stations.

  1. Flying High (feat. Skyewanda) 6:48
  2. Talk to Me (feat. Layla) 6:55
  3. Take Me (feat. Nolu) 6:17
  4. Lengoma (feat. G-Kah) 7:48
  5. Moment in Time (feat. Big Nuz) 6:24
  6. Angesabi (feat. Toshi) 5:57
  7. Ntoni (feat. Hloni) 8:53
  8. Shake-Shake (feat. Blek Topik) 6:52
  9. Umngani Wenu (feat. Big Nuz) 6:14
  10. Cinela Ganyani (feat. Benny Mayengani & Prince Rhangani) 6:19
  11. Sweetest Surprise (feat. WandaBoy & Layla) 7:00
  12. Better Days (feat. WandaBoy) 6:24
  13. Heaven (feat. Kimosabe) 6:59

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