Dogg Dbn breaks the internet -AGAIN


SA’s Digital marketing guru, Dogg Dbn, breaks the internet AGAIN by announcing that he will be hosting the first ever Durban “Sex Party”.

Social media went crazy with people discussing what will possibly go down at this event.

Dogg Dbn was then later seen on his Instagram our with a woman at a Spa – which clearly must have been his girlfriend.

Which was a huge confusion to announce a Sex party while out on a date with your girlfriend. He was then seen tweeting that it was all a big joke which was met with a whole lot of tweets from disappointed SA men. Well played Dogg, well played.

Dogg Dbn is no stranger to controversy and causing havoc online whilst also developing big brands.

Some of his greatest internet success was engineering Dj Bongz’s comeback (which included the Gwaragwara Caps and the Dj Bongz cartoons), introducing paid Twitter to SA, running the once famous Afrotainment social media accounts, managing many big brand and his latest venture VOOV (a live streaming application that’s said to be SA’s next big thing).

Dogg says  there is no sex party,  things can resume to back to regular programming.

Love him or loathe him but Dogg Dbn brings the fire to the internet.

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