DJ Tira


DJ Tira relocated to Durban from Hlabisa in 1995 to study Human Resources at the University of Natal; while studying he developed an interest in DJ’ing and bought his first vinyl in 1996 and learned how to deejay using vinyls; from there his passion for DJ’ing grew and soon he was playing at varsity parties, weddings, private parties and popular nightclubs. DJ Tira was also part of the team that formed M1 Entertainment, the pioneering entertainment company that really marked the beginning of exclusive parties aimed at the affluent black market in Durban.

After completing his Human Resources degree he then pursued postgraduate studies in Public Relations but later decided to focus his energies on DJ’ing and events management. In 2000 & 2001 DJ Tira won the prestigious Smirnoff SA DJ Knockout competition and as part of him winning he got to rock the crowds in IBIZA two years in a row. DJ Tira released his first CD Real Makoya a house compilation with the late DJ Khabzela, a project that was initiated by Glen Lewis. DJ Tira is the sole owner of Afrotainment Project Management cc, with a division Afrotainment Music that release music by Durbans Finest, DJ Tira, DJ Cndo, Big NUZ and AfroSoul. DJ Tira: Mthokozi Khathi (1976 August 24) who is fondly known as DJ Tira.

DJ Tira entered world of recording music in 2001 when he released the Real makoya compilation with the late DJ Khabzela. In 2005 DJ Tira formed the group Tzozo En Professor together with Kalawa Jazzmee. He was featured on production of their first album that saw the born of Durban kwaito music. He was featured on the track Woze Durban that soon became Durban’s national anthem.

In 2005 Tira teamed up with Sox to form Durbans Finest. Together they released 3 compilations. Vol1 and Vol2 of Durbans Finest won 2004 and 2005 Metro FM Best Compilation Awards respectively. In 2007 DJ Tira opened Afrotainment studios and produced his first artist DJ Cndo her debut album sold more than 20 000. Since opening Afrotainment studios DJ tira has produced numerious no.1 hits which have featired on Cndo, Durbans Finest albums. 2008 Durbans Finest released Vol3 album which sold more than 35 000! In 2007 DJ Tira signed a kwaito group Big Nuz and 2008 they released an album 2nd round knockout with a number 1 hit “Ubala”. The album have been nominated on 2008 Channel O and 2008 Metro Fm Awards. DJ Tira also formed an afro pop group called Afrosoul this group is here to redefine Afro pop music in South Africa.

DJ TIRA In 2008 DJ Tira won the 2008 Mzansi Stars Best Club DJ Award confirming he is one of the best DJs in this country by far. DJ Tira collaborated with artists like In-cha a 11 year old violine superstar, his dynamic Kwaito group Big Nuz and DJ Clock. He had two number biggest songs on urban radio charts and music shops charts right in 2008 – Big Nuz “Ubala Lolo”, DJ Clock f/t Tira “Mahamba Yedwa”.

This was confired by Metro FM awarding Big Nuz with the Best Kwaito Album Award. In the Summer of 2008 DJ Tira dropped his 1st solo project Ezase Afro Vol1. The album featured tracks like “Ungesabi” f/t Daddy aka Chilli M of yfm, “Sphilela Ubumnandi” f/t Bricks and Big Nuz and the summer hit “Wont let U go” f/t Joocy of Afrosoul. Ezase Afro vol 1 became and a hit and did remarkable on the market as it sold more than 20 000 copies. In 2009 DJ Tira spend most of his time in the studio working on Big Nuz 3rd Project. He was also managing his nite club Afro fashion Lounge dubbed the best hang out spot in Durban.

He has also been travelling international a lot doing gigs in London, Algeria and Spain to name but a few. In 2010 DJ Tira became the most hectic DJ/Artist as worked with a lot of artists. The Big Nuz album that he produced won 3 South African Music awards. Best Kwaito album, Best Album and Song of the year. The Big Nuz album continue to collect awards with the hit Umlilo that feature DJ Tira as it also won Channel O Best Kwaito Video. Umlilo video has also been nominated for the MTV Music awards taking place in Lagos. DJ Tira has also collaborated with Teargas and their video also won the Channel O best video of the year. He has also worked with Thembe Seete, Professor whose album this summer of 2010 has sold over 20 000. He has also produced the whole album of Lvovo Derrango which is currently doing very well in the market. Undoubtedly DJ Tira is one busy artist in South Africa as you still find him rocking parties all over Africa every weekend.

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