DJ Tira: Zodwa WaBantu and Cndo to release single together


Afrotrainment’s DJ Tira has revealed that Zodwa waBantu and Cndo will be releasing a single this summer, produced by Destruction Boys. Tira says the song is READY!

Speaking  on Metro FM’s Absolutely Hip Hop with Dj Speedsta and Lootlove where he was a guest, Tira aka “Makhoya Bearings” also revealed how much he loved hip hop, although he feels he still needs some help when it comes to writing verses. The Kwa-Zulu Natal DJ and businessman has been featured on songs by WTF and Kings of the Weekend. He however says he is always called for adlibs, as that his his specialty.

When Speedsta asked Tira how he deals with artists with egos, he said,”I give you a cold shoulder”

Lootlove asked about Zodwa WaBantu:

Tira said,”Zodwa walked in with a bag of money and dropped it on the table and said, let us work”

“When Zodwa came in, she was already trending. She was already out there. She is already getting big gigs. All I had to do was to manage her PR and image. She is onto some things that I myself would not easily get” Tira

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