Distruction Boyz doing everything right for newcomers


One would expect two youngsters who’ve just became household brands to be reckless and making headlines for all the wrong reasons – but surprisingly not with Distruction Boyz.

After just releasing their debut album titled “Gqom is the future” Distruction Boyz have owned the internet and people’s hearts from then till now and it seems like it’s going to stay that way.
The duo who are the talk of the web have just released (a self funded) road safety video to encourage the public to wear safety belts, dont drink and drive and to get sober drivers during this busy season. They didn’t stop there, this morning (Saturday 9 Dec) they launched a new campaign that’s taking the internet by storm hash-tagged #ShowMeYourSafetyBeltChallenge where they encourage their fans and people online to take pictures of themselves in cars wearing seat belts – with a chance of wining their famous towels or CDs.
Dogg Dbn who’s the marketing and PR mastermind behind the success of Distruction Boyz says this is not one of his ideas but it was a collective effort as a team to ensure that they take responsibility and promote such things. “We make people dance almost everyday – who best to remind people about safety than us? We are very happy that the internet and people are receiving the message well” says the internet guru.
All these campaigns are done and paid for by Distruction Boyz and for that we need to give them a round of applause.
Well done Distruction Boyz and your team – hands down you win 2017’s team of the year and we can’t wait till you reach Gold in sales and we can celebrate your hard work.