Debonairs Pizza Delivers Christmas Gifts With SAPS Helicopter, Gets Trolled.


So in the spirit of giving, Debonairs Pizza made an Xmas Doughnation by delivering 220 Real Deal pizzas and plastic motorbikes to the children at Alicedale, in the Eastern Cape. The Real Deal pizzas were delivered by a Police helicopter to the Christmas tree at Alicedale. The children were overjoyed and enjoyed their pizzas!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

However, not everyone appreciated the gesture and they did not expect this kind of post on the Debonairs Facebook Page , trolls jumped in fast:

Nazeema Gabriels Well done fast delivery with a helicopter nogal…pity I had to wait almost half an hour for a “small” margarita with an extra topping of mushrooms at Debbos in Knysna…that helicopter would have come in handy…

Dean Blunden Debonnairs pizza totally rip off, that is why they can buy bikes and give there pizza away coz they hardly put tops or fillings on the pizza. One pays for paper thin base. It will be my last I Eva support them. They must be ashamed of how they actually rip off the poor community in gelvandale area in port Elizabeth that support them, but in actual fact all debonnairs in general just rip people off.

Barry van Rensburg Oxymoron if ever there was one. Give gifts to kids while making food that kills them. Sorry Debonairs, but dont bother replying please. By 2050 there will be no more food like yours around.

Shona Seetahal The only thing you can taste on their pizza is heaps and heaps of that awful bbq sauce. Couldn’t eat the last pizza we bought there, had to throw it away, totally inedible.

Some people came to Debonnairs defence

Nkagi Motaung This post is not about you people and your lack of satisfaction with deboinaires service but about the kids … can we just make it about them and wait for tomorrow to continue with our service delivery complaints 😒😒

Bongumusa Mphotholozi Fakude Some people are always looking for mistakes… Do not be discourage. We only see actions but God sees the heart… Be blessed

Magda Botes Its always nice to see that business give back to the community 😍Well done!!😚Really???? for the not so cool comments,this is and was not the right place for your horrible comments 😣please see the good in what debonairs did try to do

Lisa Hugo This is supposed to be for a good cause and all these comments are about your bad experience. Seriously! Those kids don’t get the pleasures of pizza and they enjoyed it. If you got bad experience open your mouth on the spot and don’t spoil a good deed done here. Praise debonaires for giving back to our children!

Victress Inheritance Buhle Mbokodo Wow we proud of this initiative debonairs my family loves pizza from your restuarant i dont regret spending on u.please sponsor me next time thank u

And the winning comment:
Charlie Masondo And they have never asked for a single R2. Well done debonairs

KFC this was for you! 

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