Clement Maosa announced as Brand Ambassador for the new Amstel Radler


Amstel Lager is excited to introduce it’s next crafted innovation made with real fruit juice into the perfect chill occasion, as well as welcome Actor Clement Maosa to the family.

Amstel Radler, is the newest beverage that is set to change the chill occasion for consumers this summer. Beer lovers can now enjoy a refreshing Radler – Amstel Lager  crafted with real Lemon juice; whilst hanging out with friends during the festive season.

The surprisingly refreshing drink combines a 60 percent ratio of Amstel Lager with a 40 percent ratio of real lemon, to create the perfect summer beverage. This ratio together with the low alcohol content, makes the newest addition to the Amstel family the choice of beverage to have during any chill moment.

The beers’ light alcohol content allows for the most active athletes to enjoy Amstel Radler after a run, a hike, a bike ride, a netball tournament or after a game of touch rugby with the guys.

“I can not wait for everyone to grab a hold of this unapologetic beverage and enjoy the refreshment that is Amstel Radler. I keep an active lifestyle, and Amstel Radler allows me to get my fitness in, and enjoy a beer after,” commented Clement Maosa – who has been announced as Brand Advocate for Amstel Radler.

Amstel Radler is available in the 440ml can as well as the 330ml NRB. Be sure to grab the new variant from Amstel at your nearest retailer and enjoy zesty refreshment at any chill occasion with friends.

Amstel promotes responsible drinking. Not for sale to persons under 18.


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