City Varsity Lecturer mould the minds of future musicians


To some people teaching is not just a means to get income, but it is passion and love that they try and pass on to other people. They use the love they have for what they do to inspire other people to live life to the fullest as the creative they want to be.
CityVarsity lecturer moulds future musicians

Tim Harbour, Sound Lecturer at CityVarsity, has taken his passion for music to the classroom. He hopes to mould the minds of future musicians who are going to make an impact in the music industry. For Tim, it is not just a job but is an opportunity to pass his passion to his students. Imparting that same love for music to students gives him purpose.

“Every year I take young learners who have never learnt musical theory to a point where they are composing full-on musical pieces with chords, melodies and harmonies,” said Tim.

He added that making sure that students leave CityVarsity with a sound understanding of the technical side of music while actually knowing what they are doing rather than guessing and hoping for the best is a highlight for him. It makes him content that once students have left CityVarsity they are ready for anything in the music industry.

Teaching people how to be thoughtfully creative is what he loves. According to Tim, there isn’t a 100% accurate formula that will allow a musician to compose a hit song. But with an understanding of the necessary skills, musicians are able to take risks that become hits.

“Anyone can pull out a paintbrush and paint something and sometimes you will get a masterpiece and sometimes you won’t. But you have to be able to critically analyse the elements that make up a piece of creative work and fully immerse yourself in the theory and then implement it,” said Tim.

There is nothing he wants more than to see the students he is lecturing at CityVarsity succeed. A lot of students come to CityVarsity for the atmosphere that inspires creatives to become the best at what they do. CityVarsity is not for everyone but for those that have a burning desire to be different.

However, if students come to CityVarsity wanting to work hard and improve themselves, there are lecturers who are always willing to assist them to do better. The staff at CityVarsity push the students to be the best but only if they are hungry for it. All students need to put in the time, have passion and the rest will fall into place.

CityVarsity thrives on bringing out the best in their students by offering them the best academic support so that they can perform exceptionally. To find out more visit www.cityvarsity.co.za.

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