We’ve all, at some point, had the urge to listen to the little guy on our left shoulder telling us to cut corners, to take a short cut on our way home, or to buy the cheaper brand for an immediate (short term) saving. ‘Who wouldn’t?’ we convince ourselves. Because let’s face it, we can all do with a bit of extra cash, and every little buck we save can go a long away.

However, instant happiness due to a silly saving doesn’t guarantee long term smiles. Cutting corners is sure to get you in trouble one day, and ‘cheap’ almost always means poor quality. The same goes for insurance policies. Some people underinsure, or worse, not insure at all, in an effort to save money, but this can leave you in worse off.

As car owners, everyone tries to save a few Rands when it to comes to car insurance. And that’s not a bad thing. The trick is just to do it well.

Wynand van Vuuren, spokesperson at King Price, shares his insights on how reducing your insurance cover can actually cost you more in the long run.

 Beat the bushes

Before choosing an insurer, make sure you’ve considered all your options. Shop around for an insurer and policy that will cover all your specific needs, and while comparing, be careful not to settle for the cheapest option because this won’t guarantee that you’re fully covered. People have different needs, and while a certain cover might suit your neighbour, it’s not guaranteed to suit you.


After the super friendly consultant manages to get your premium to a low monthly amount that you can afford, consider the excess you’ll have to pay if you have to claim. The lower your insurance premium, the higher your excess is likely to be. So, while paying low premiums might help you month to month, make sure you can afford to pay your excess, too.

Need a little extra?

Sometimes lower premiums may mean that you’re not covered for the little (but essential) extras. These may include 24-hour roadside assistance, having a rental car while yours gets sorted, and being covered for hail damage. These might seem like ‘nice to haves’, but without them you might find yourself spending a lot more in the long run.

 Third party

Third party cover is one cost you can’t afford to cut out when looking for an insurer. If you get into an accident that involves another car, you want to rest assured that your insurer will pay for damages caused to the other party. Car accidents are stressful enough; you don’t need the added stress of having to pay for someone else’s car repairs.

When looking for an insurance quote, make sure you know everything you need to be covered for. As much as it might add to your monthly premium, it will save you in the end.


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