Nude Actors needed for Nakhane Music Video


Nakhane is searching for some extras for the music video for his new single to be shot in Johannesburg on Sunday, 17 December. The video concept, by talented director Mark Middlewick (responsible for the videos for “Fog”, “In the Dark Room” and “The Plague”), requires a number of nude extras.

If you are between the ages of 18 – 45 and are keen please send an email to: nakhane.interloper@gmail.com with your details and a simple Facebook profile picture. All shapes and sizes are welcome. Nakhane says that they will cover any visible tattoos, unless they are massive. All nude actors will be paid for their time.

Speaking to Zagossip, the proudly gay artist said,”People will be completely nude or wear skin coloured g-strings, depending on what they are comfortable with. We would prefer that they are nude. They will all be draped over one another, so must be comfortable having their bodies touch those around them. Please note that the video is not sexual in any way. There will be no close up shots of genitalia.”


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