Caster Semenya has opened up about her love story with her wife


Athlete Caster Semenya has opened up about her love story with her wife, Violet Raseboya in a TV interview about her life. Being Caster Semenya was aired on BET on Monday night and the Olympic champion said that her first encounter with her wife was a “funny” meeting.

“We met in a restroom in 2007. She was a runner and was being escorted by doping officials. She thought I was a boy and said ‘What is a boy doing in here?'”

Caster said the comment immediately got her back up and she was on the defensive.

“I’m not a boy. You think I’m lost? You think I can just walk in here?”

Caster said it was her that told Violet about her feelings for her. However it took a while for the couple to start dating. Apparently Violet had a boyfriend then and she was on open to the idea of being in same sex relationship.

“We were in denial. She had a past. She had a boyfriend. (She) was trying to deny being in love with a woman”

Caster said Violet have been dating for 10 years now and Caster says Violet is one person who has always been there for her at her lowest point.

“She is someone I can rely on for strength”

Semenya also admitted that the couple would like to have children and the athlete, who is from a family of six children, would like at least three.

“I’d love to have twins. My wife is a twin, so ja.”

We wish the couple all the best as future parents.


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