Cast of The Bold and the Beautiful to visit South Africa


Longevity in the television industry is a major feat for any show. Audiences change, times change but one show has stood the test of time, The Bold and the Beautiful. 30 years on our screens the award-winning TV soap drama will be celebrating their phenomenal achievement in South Africa as part of a global publicity tour. The Bold and the Beautiful is part of SABC 3’s daily drama offering and the channel is excited to be celebrating this milestone with the Emmy Award- winning show with our viewers.  After 30 years, both brands are aiming to attract a much younger and savvy audience that keeps up with trends, fashion and topical social issues. This resonates well with the progressive aspirant SABC 3 target market in South Africa.

As part of their global publicity tour to celebrate this milestone anniversary with their South African fans, the stars of the show will be visiting the country from the 21st to the 26th of October 2017, which will include visits to Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The cast visiting SA shores will be Jacob Young who plays ‘Rick Forrester; five-time Emmy® Award winning actress Heather Tom starring as ‘Katie Logan’ & Karla Mosley who effortlessly portrays her storyline as ‘Maya Avant Forrester’, the transgender, lead model for Forrester Creations & wife of Forrester heir apparent ‘Rick Forrester’.

To kick-off  the celebrations locally, SABC 3 will be re-introducing the Saturday broadcast of  The Bold and  the Beautiful Omnibus from the 14th October, between 09:30-12:00.

“It gives us great pleasure to set the SABC 3 stage for The Bold and the Beautiful cast in South Africa. We are happy to bring our content closer to our viewers, and in this case the fans of the B&B who will get a chance to experience the cast while they are here. We welcome The B&B cast and crew to South Africa and we look forward to the interaction with our viewers.” Says Aisha Mohamed, Head of Bouquet: SABC 3, about the cast visit.

“I’m so thankful that after 30 years, our South African viewers and our broadcaster, SABC 3, remain an integral part of our extended television family,” said The Bold and the Beautiful Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley Bell. “To celebrate this occasion, we’re sending Karla, Heather, and Jacob in person to convey our warm greetings and gratitude to our fans.”

Join SABC 3 as they play great hosts to The Bold and the Beautiful Family and stay tuned to SABC 3, to win an exciting viewer experience. Watch The Bold and the Beautiful daily on SABC 3 at 18:30 and follow us on social media to give our guest the best of SA’s hospitality. The Stage is yours!!


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