#CassperNyovestChallenge Prince Kaybee Claps Back Hard


The poster boy of SA Hip Hop “Abuti Fill Up” Casper Nyovest inspired the  #CassperNyovestChallenge after posting a pic of himself with two Bentleys and celebrities  joined in on the fun. Comedian, Skumba posted one of the most hilarious photos of the challenge and so did Bloemfontein-based DJ, Prince Kaylee of Wajelwa fame.

However Bullies and Trolls gave the Wajelwa DJ a hard time and instead of letting it slip, the DJ decided to let his fans know that he was hurt and he posted this pic and the caption below:

Yesterday I posted a pic that was inspired by Cassper Nyovest and someone said I’m stupid, I brag about stupid things, they also added that I sleep in my cars and I don’t have a bed bla bla bla…, what people don’t know is that before I had the cars I first bought myself a townhouse in Bloemfontein(of which im standing on). I was so hurt yesterday, called all sorts of names just for them to feel good about themselves. Alot of you will say I don’t owe them an explanation but I feel I need to respond to the negative energy just this once, AND TO ALL MY HATERS, i have an even BIGGER ANNOUNCEMENT IN JANUARY, some of you are going to kill yourselves when you hear it!!! STAY TUNED

However some of his fans were having none of that, Zuma Masandie  wrote,”Prince, I am sure by now you do know that people will always talk nasty and bad thing no matter how hard you hustle to be where you are. That is called jealousy.

There those of us who are inspired by you, who follows your stories and who knows you Van tooka, all on all love yourself and keep on inspiring those shine by looking and learning from what you do. That’s the price of working hard my bru, you did not steal anything from anyone.

Keep shining my brother!!! Next time I will stand with you on top of the cars!”

Joey Remembr Pule commented “Prince Kaybee, being famous comes with a lot of burden into it. some may not realize that. i always tell people that life doesn’t come with a manual, if it did. it wouldn’t be exciting. kill those haters with success. #GrowAfricanChild”

Only haters can not get such a clear message, the guy is doing well.

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