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Coming up on Carte Blanche‎ on M-Net and M-Net HD [101], Sunday 18 December 2016 at 19:00 and again on M-Net Plus 1 [901] at 20:00.

Exclusive: SANDF in the DRC (repeat)

Escorted by the legendary Rooivalk combat helicopter, Carte Blanche travels to a recently-captured military camp deep in the tropical forests north of Beni, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. John Webb gains exclusive access to the SANDF’s forward-operating bases in the infamous Triangle of Death in North Kivu province as we visit our soldiers on the frontline in the battle against ADF rebels. We find soldiers who have distinguished themselves both in the field of battle as well as in crucial combat support roles, and SANDF pilots operating as part of the UN’s aviation unit who have fast developed a reputation for skill and courage. Carte Blanche also meets the SANDF’s General Derrick Mgwebi who was recently appointed to head the overall UN peace-keeping operation in the DRC – still the largest peace-keeping mission in the world.

Producer: Michael Duffett

Presenter: John Webb

How to Save South Africa (repeat)

From an economy forecast at 0.4 percent growth to angry students, political turmoil, and around 11-million South Africans with little or no chance of ever working, how do we save South Africa? Carte Blanche sits down with political economist Moeletsi Mbeki to hear his blunt manifesto for social change.

Producer: Joy Summers

Presenter: Bongani Bingwa

Brucellosis Threat (repeat)

An infectious disease caused by the Brucella bacterium is out of control in South African beef herds. It is also threatening our dairy herds and wreaking long-term havoc on the health of people who contract it. The effects of Brucellosis have almost crippled many farmers, barely managing to keep afloat in the face of nationwide drought. Carte Blanche asks: why hasn’t the vaccine against this infection been available to desperate farmers?

Producer: Liz Fish

Presenter: John Webb

Researchers: Laura Byrne

Eyes for the Blind

Would you manage to navigate the chaos that is public life without your sense of sight? From crossing busy intersections and noisy shopping centres to making sense of train, taxi, bus stations and more, blind South Africans face a reality few could imagine. Often, their only assistance and companion is a highly trained animal—a guide dog. Carte Blanche spends time with the visually impaired to experience a society often unreasonable and insensitive when confronted with the blind and their canine guide.

Producer: Annalise Lubbe

Presenter: John Webb

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