Car insurance: what does a good policy look like?


We all know that car insurance shopping is no easy task. We have expectations and sometimes we have been disappointed. But how do you get value for money?

Firstly you need to take into consideration that insurance policies have a host of features, some important, and others less so. You need to research and decide what features are a ‘must have’, a ‘should have’ or a ‘could have’ to make sure you buy the right policy for you.

A good policy will give you:

Windscreen cover – means your windscreen will be repaired or replaced following a loss or damage claim.

Personal belongings – covers loss or damage of your personal belongings following an accident, fire or theft whilst they are in your car. For example, Laptops, phones, bags, CDs, etc.

Loss or theft of keys – if the keys to your car, ignition, alarm, immobiliser, steering lock or garage door opener are lost or stolen the insurer will pay towards the cost of replacing the keys and the associated locks.

Protected no claims discount – protects your no claims discount and ensures that you do not lose it following a claim.

Car rescue cover – if you have an accident which immobilises your car, the insurance company will cover the cost of removing the vehicle from the scene of the accident.(The reasonable costs of moving the vehicle from the scene of the accident to the nearest repairer.)

Courtesy car – if you’re involved in an accident and your vehicle needs to be repaired, then you will be provided with an alternative car to keep you mobile whilst you are without yours.
(This can be limited to a certain number of days for example 14-28 days.

Repairs guaranteed – the insurer will guarantee any repair work carried out by their approved repairers. ( Repairs carried out by someone you choose to do the work won’t be covered.)

Another thing you need to look at is an insurer who offers super affordable car insurance for your vehicle and premiums that decrease. Is that not a deal sweetener? As your car value decreases, your premiums should automatically decrease!

As a bonus, here is a tip often overlooked by many people when they get car insurance:

Add a second driver! Smooth out the risk by adding a second, low-risk driver – even if they don’t use the vehicle much. (Adding newly qualified young drivers will increase the premium).

The lower your annual mileage, the lower your premium. (However, don’t underestimate your mileage as this could invalidate your insurance when making a claim.)

If you use your personal car for work, ensure you get cover for that too!

Happy car insurance shopping!

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