Capitec Color Run returns to Cape Town


The Capitec Color Run will take place in Cape Town on 18 November 2017. During the 5km run, a different colour of powder fills the air and covers the participants with a spectrum of colour.
At the finish line, the colour festival kicks off and the air is filled with millions of vivid colour combinations as participants get in on the colour-throwing fun.
Aside from the colourful run, colour-runners will now have the option to receive free selfie prints, by using the hashtag #BankBetterLiveBetter on Twitter or Instagram. Colour runners are encouraged to use the Capitec Magnetic Wall as a background to start snapping creatively. The selfie prints may be collected at the Capitec stand on the day of the event.

Colour runners may also use the slow motion booth in the festival zone to take a 15-second super-slow-motion video that will be uploaded to Face­book straight away.

This year, Capitec Bank has continued on as the headline sponsor of the event. Capitec Bank ensures that The Color Run is not just a one-day event by donating R10 of every ticket sold to a beneficiary school in the most vulnerable of communities across South Africa.

Photography by Mike Turner

Photography by Mike Turner

Francois Viviers, executive of marketing and communications at Capitec Bank says, “Capitec continues to partner with the event because of the natural alignment of values and principles, namely, the celebration of diversity and giving back to the communities we operate in. The event is fully in line with our own CSI initiative of investing in South Africa’s people.”

Tickets are available online from The Color Run website and Facebook page.


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