Candy Tsamandebele – The new Face of Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition 2017


Indigenous afro-soul artist and songwriter Candy Tsamandebele just added yet another exciting page to her music career. She is the face of Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition 2017, with Dizu Plaatjies of Amapondo. Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition 2017’s theme is “Rhythms of the Ancients” which made it easier for her to sign on as one of the faces as it resonates with who she is and represents. Candy Tsamandebele’s musical career started when she was initiated into her mother’s traditional music group known as Khekhapa in Bolobedu, Limpopo. It is here that she learned about her ancestry.

According to the elders in Bolobedu, Khekhapa was first created in the region to serve as what one can call a platform to teach and instil cultural values through song and dance. For Khekhapa to come alive, songs were composed with just drums and voices and choreography added guided by the drum beat and the message of the song. Candy Tsamandebele’s mother was the percussionist at the Ga-Sedibeng village Khekhapa group. She saw it fit to rope-in Candy Tsamandebele so she too can learn more about her culture.

Candy Tsamandebele’s roots have been guiding her throughout her colourful music career. Her latest album Easy Come Easy Come is a continuation of that journey.

To mark a new journey with Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition 2017 as the face of the renowned annual South African music conference, today Candy Tsamandebele performs her brand new single Mmalekutu. The song references a well-known Sepedi traditional marriage custom which insisted cousins to marry each other in order to retain livestock or wealth within the family, as opposed to giving it away to outsiders.


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