Boyzn Bucks


Mzansitunes_Boyzn Bucks

Boyzn Bucks is the coming together not only of a group of friends but a collective of skills with a love for music.

Born through conversation and collaboration many out there are calling them rappers but they wouldn’t describe themselves that way, “we’re more of a group of producers, artists and designers”.

With music as the starting point the Boyzn are poised for future projects in everything from fashion to art and beyond.

Consisting of rappers, producers, DJs, designers, sneaker-heads and creative pioneers, the 9-man crew is at the forefront of the current renaissance in South African street culture. Together, they say their aim is to export their home-grown street culture abroad as well as inspire the younger generation of South Africans in the realms of style, art and music.

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