Bongani Nchang Ushers Wonders Of Mercy


The history of South African music would be incomplete without the mention of singer/songwriter Bongani Nchang. Initially known as a member of the sensational Afropop group Malaika, Bongani Nchang has taken a solo spiritual route. Digging deep into his Christian roots, Nchang brings out his first solo album, a gospel offering titled, Wonders of Mercy.

“I have always been a spiritual person. When I was in Malaika, I prayed and fasted. Today I am still doing the same. God has always been part of my life,” said the gifted singer/songwriter.

Since he has always been in the church from a young age, even throughout the Malaika years, it was only a matter of time until Wonders Of Mercy was birthed. Now that Nchang has succumbed to his inner duty to give thanks to a God he has worshipped all his life, this album becomes his most personal project yet.

“From the time I was absent from Malaika, a series of events happened from which I drew inspiration to write songs. I wrote what was relevant to me,” he confessed.

The first single to come off Wonders Of Mercy was Worship Medley, an infectious song loaded with a deeper life changing meaning.

 “I sang a song, a medley actually at church and someone came to me to tell me that he had contemplated to kill himself until that moment he heard me sing. The song had no title at the time so I called it Worship Medley.”

 So what can you can you get from the man that once grabbed the hearts of many through song?

“People should expect their lives to be transformed. I am sharing the good news that in every situation that you will find yourself in, you will be fine after listening to Wonders Of Mercy. I believe that God is using me to speak into people’s situations through song,” said the singer.

Wonders of Mercy is now available in music stores and digitally here:


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