Bonang hires Somizi’s Reality TV show director to direct “Being Bonang”



Johannesburg – Media personality Bonang Matheba’s show, Being Bonang has a new director.

Olwethu Mlotshwa, who also directed Somizi’s reality show Living the Dream with Somizi, has been appointed as the new director for the show. This comes after online reports revealed that Being Bonang had dismal viewership numbers. The real reason was sited by some analysts as the choice of channel, not necessarily about the direction of the show. Mzansi Magic attracts more views than Vuzu Amp ( Case of DSTV packages)

But according to Olwethu the show is doing well despite the criticism and the lack of people tuning in.

“From the numbers we have so far, Bonang’s show is doing very well, especially since it is in such a tough time slot. I have watched the reaction to the show closely and I think that the problem is that people have unrealistic expectations.”

“They think that it will be the same Bonang they saw on Live Amp but Bonang is older and she is different,” Olwethu

The show has been compared to Somizi’s which has great ratings but Olwethu says the comparison is unfair as the two shows are very different.

“This reality show is different to other reality show, including those I have worked on before. Bonang is not a wild, ratchet person whose life is filled with drama. She has a brand to uphold and she also has to be true to herself. I don’t think people understand that,” Olwethu

“Somizi was born in the industry and was always a star. Bonang is just a queen and so their approach to life is different. I saw a lot of differences but at the end of the day I can only direct the cameras not her,” he said.

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