Event: Black Coffee’s 3rd Annual Block Party at FNB


The 3rd Annual Block Party by DJ Black Coffee is back with a bang, this time it will be in Jozi’s FNB Stadium. Get your grooving gear ready, we know ladies your summer bodies are geared for this! Featuring the best of Mzansi DJs and performers, this is one December eventyou can not afford to miss.

Dj BlackCoffee Block Party|

BlackCoffee Block Party |

DJ Capital, Langa, Mo Flava, Sho Madjozi, Uma Rams, Andy X

Join Black Coffee at the FNB Stadium for his 3rd Annual Block Party, with a 12 hour line up of the biggest and brightest hip-hop, house and rap artists and of course a 2 hour set by Black Coffee himself, expect to be heavily entertained.

Early Bird General Access : R150 per person

Early Bird VIP : R600 per person

DON’T : No liquids or alcohol are allowed into the venue, we will have fully stocked bars inside with ice. You can not bring food inside, we have food vendors. No umbrellas permitted.

MCs: Ntando Duma, Smash Africa and Exquisite Vince

DO : Empty coolerboxes are allowed. Folding chairs are allowed. Use our designated parking area or taxi to the venue. Bring sunscreen and a hat. Get your Howler card when you arrive and top it up at their station. You can use cash or any card to top up your Howler card.
Click on the map to see your parking and access point.

Doors open at 2pm. 

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