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BIG STAR – PABLO ft Zoocci Coke Dope


BIG STAR to dropped his music video for one of his most honest, introspective songs from his #TellAScope EP, the #PabloVID.

Pablo was the most played song on Deezer. This year BIG STAR has dropped great music videos like Flavors featuring Reason.

BIG STAR performed for thousands of fans in Cape Town at the Good Hope FM #UnitedInHope Benefit concert hosted at the Grand West Casino, this was one of BIG STAR‘s best performances to date! BIG STAR took his Cape Town fans on a musical journey, performing #WGB (Won’t Get Better) with Cape Town singer Rowlene and the Can’t Get Enough (Remix) with Kyle Deutsch, bringing the crowd to their feet as they danced till the early morning.

BIGSTAR also dropped No Rush from his TellAScope EP, an East Rand Hip-Hop anthem. The aerotropolis is represented by BIG STAR, Priddy Ugly and Frank Casino, it only made sense for the three of them to put this hit together as they all grew up running in the same streets way back since their high school days. 

The #PabloVID is on Channel O, DStv Channel 320.

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