Big Brother Naija has finally begun


 After ten long years, finally returns to our screens promising a season filled with intrigue and fun. With 12 diverse characters friom all over Nigeria entering the House we are set for an explosive season. Presenter Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is no stranger to you as he was an enormously popular Housemate in Season 1 of Big Brother Naija and now he returns as presenter in the latest installment of the wildly popular Big Brother Series.

The show is live in 45 countries from Nigeria through East, West and Southern Africa on DStv on channel 198 and GOtv channel 29 24/7. The fun and the drama begins now with 11 weeks of Big Brother Naija.

K9 and his army of dancers wowed the fans in the crowd with an electrifying performance. With so much at stake it looks as if we are in for an amazing 11 weeks of twists, turns, laughter and tears.

Big Brother Naija reality show starts Sunday, 22 January at 7pm and will run for 11 weeks on all DStv packages on channel 198 and GOtv Plus on channel 29.

Big Brother Naija is sponsored by PayPorte, your preferred online retail store.

For more information, please visit or Follow the conversation on Instagram at @BigBrotherNaija2017 and all social media pages of DStv, GOtv and AfricaMagic


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