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Sibonelo Dimba (26) also known by his stage name Bhizer always knew he would be a star. Growing up in the small township of Mgababa, South of Durban, music was the only thing in his mind. “I didn’t even want tog o to university to study something either than music because I knew what I wanted from the beginning,” he says.

Like most parents, Bhizer says his mom only came to grips with his career when she started seeing results. “I would make music, send my demos to DJs producers and record companies but I was not getting any deals. That was frustrating for my family because I was not bringing in any money at home but that never brought my spirit down, it just made my mom worry because she said I needed to start doing something with my life, and that is when I took up small jobs,” he says.

In 2011 Bhizer says he was forced to work in order to help out a home and that is when he received a job as a petrol attendant at a garage near his home. “I hated working there, so during the day I would work at the garage and in the evenings I would make music and continue sending out my demos to people,” he says.

Bhizer says the job at the garage did not last long because the music was all that he could think of. “I remember one Monday morning I received a call from DJ Clock while I was at work and he told me he would like to work with me, I could not believe it. I became so excited, I lost focus and I poured petrol in a Diesel car and that led to me to being fired and from that day I knew that working a nine to five job was not for me,” he smiles.

“I had even worked as a merchandiser at Pick n Pay but when I worked with DJ Clock my music started becoming popular I needed to quit those small jobs and focus on my goals,” he adds.

In 2013 Bhizer says he met Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa and that is when his career spiraled. “I knew I was destined for greatness. After Oskido heard my song Aw’kodwa, he believed in me so much that my song was featured in the Durban Nyts album,” Bhizer says.

Today, having passed many hardships the Gobisiqolo hitmaker has created songs with the likes of DJ C-live, AB Crazy and he is currently will is working on his album.

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